spreadyourwings is thankful today! :-D

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I recieved my notification and acceptance from the GTC. I am now officially an NQT and a teacher in England according to the government if I succeed in my induction year.

And I have made it through the first week of my NQT year. I count those as big, major success points in my life thus far.

Also- I have succeeded in losing 5lb. That means I just need to lose another 9lb and I’ve succeeded at a 43thing goal that’s been on my list since forever.

On top of this I have made a new friend at school. Bethan is gorgeous and friendly and bubbley… and a little bit of a psycho so I’m ok to like her LOL. At the moment I am succeeding in little stages of life, now that I’ve hit the big targets. :-) I just need to remember to be happy for the little things!!!!


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spreadyourwings is thankful today! :-D

Thank you :-)

Best wishes to you too! :-)

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