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Do You Hate Yourself?

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Stop Hating Myself

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morning glory is busy learning a thing or two about life

stop hating myself

Now I know how to stop hating ourselves. First step is stop criticizing yourself. Just think over..nobody is perfect. If God has given this birth, we should make life more meaningful by ignoring our faults too. This will help you not to fall in guilt pit fro the crime you did not commit.
Second step is start developing confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself. You can do several things better than others do.
Third step is very important and I found it very promising too. You do not have any control over several things. I have read in “Bhagvatgita” a theory called Samkhyayog. This theory says every thing is predestined..every moment of life.. To whom you are meeting today, to whom you are taking lunch..every thing is predestined. We can not rule over nature or God. Then why worry about the things going on around you..you can not be judge of yourself or you can not become God. Let him do whatever he has decided. Do not challenge his role. If you go back in your life..you will find every sorrow, every happiness had its own time circle. In your sorrow you tried to make full efforts to come out ,nothing happened..it took its own time. In happiness you tried hard to grab those moments but could you do that..? It passed away in due time. Problem is that sometimes we become over sensitive and start brooding over things where we do not have any control. We start cursing our self for the change we do not like. Friends I was away from this website for sometimes. I spent my time in reading and analyzing things. But now I want to share my feelings with you all. I have started loving myself. I understand now I am God’s pride possession. If I hate myself I would hate my creator.


Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


I’m so glad that you’ve come to your revelations. You are so special and I am so glad that you are back to share your insights with us.

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