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When thinking over the past few days I realized that I’m doing a better job in my progress on this goal is it just taking a bit of a different form. This year I read Getting Things Done and I’m now in the process of reading Zen to Done which is pretty much a simplified version of GTD for people that find it too complicated. What it made me realize is that for practical purpose my use of 43T (including the “I gave up list”) is a mix of mid to long term goals which is also acting as my “someday/maybe list” which includes things like books that one wants to read. Things cycle through my 43T list as time goes on with a lot more things being completed than given up on and if they are given up on or deleted they are done so for good reasons like last year’s NaNoWriMo which I dropped out of when I was ahead of schedule to prevent from hurting my hands any more from too much time on the computer. So in many ways it seems like smart use of 43T is playing a lot more important role for this goal as a whole than I realized before.


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