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I wonder what adventures await me?

Latelly, the goals that I’m crossing off my list are those that require a change of mind or courage—ie motivate myself, talk to myself as a friend instead of a critic, commit to a career etc. Only one or two that I completed recently required actionable steps ie read two books on assertiveness and use the information and keep a problem solution journal.

My new challenge requires a little bit of money. I actually have to BUY a book (which I hardly ever do unless it’s some sort of test prep guide) and have it signed. I think after that I’ll ride in a carriage which shouldn’t be too difficult since I live in NYC and Central park is right there.

I have several goals that I’m starting to see now are linked: Be part of a studio audience, be part of a documentary, take the community producer class etc. I think I’ll do those things in 2012. Or at least start putting them in motion.

I wonder what adventures await me?!? I’ll also post this under “take one step at a time”, “choose wisely” and “visit 43things every day goal.”


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