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Doctor appt

I went to my DR’s appointment on July 29th. I spoke to a new DR as my other one switched clinics. The new DR was very nice and listened to everything I had to say. The thing is that my doctors office is a residence clinic and I’ve been seeing DR’s who are still being trained so when I need lab testing done, medications, etc they have to run it by the head honchos. I wanted a couple of my labs retested but the only one they approved was the vitamin D test because it’s been about a year. They seem to write all my symptoms off and say I am not getting enough sleep. I know a lot of it COULD have to do with my bouts of insomnia but I honestly feel something else is not right with my body. I’m thinking of talking to my chiropractor and seeing if there’s any holistic or natural doctors in my area. I seem to get nowhere with the clinic I’m at now.


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