stop letting others affect me and my goals (read all 6 entries…)
A man may not be an island on to himself, but a woman can be!

I am finding that silence is the key to reaching all my goals. Looking for support and expecting to get it from anyone other then yourself is just self sabotage. Silence is golden. I finally get that. I have looked around at the successful people I know and I have noticed that they don’t talk about what they are going to do. They just do it. All of a sudden you hear about there success and are like wow so that’s why they have been so busy. So after all these years I finally get it. Successful people plot and plan and act. They don’t go around looking for approval. Support is some crazy idea that we have been sold from years of watching feel good movies. Be an island onto oneself and watch your goals come to fruition. I get it. Got it. Here I go!


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