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break up with my boyfriend
He was horrifically clingy.

And a bit of a jerk in the end.
If you don’t want your boyfriend to be your boyfriend, stop him being your boyfriend. It’s rather simple really.
Or you would think, the first time I tried to break up with mine he just kept saying we could make it work and just plain refusing to accept it.
Me:”I don’t think this is working”
Him:”We can make it work”
M:”No, we can’t.”
H:”Yeah we can, it’ll be fine.”
M:”I don’t want to make it work.”
H:”It’ll work”
M:”No no, I don’t want it to and it won’t anyway.”
H:”It will work”
He leaves
M:”...What just happened?”
I later found out that he was cheating and broke up with him over the phone. I haven’t seen him since.



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