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lemonwater sembrava la fine del mondo ma sono qua...

self care (read all 188 entries…)
Self Care Sunday

1. I don’t want to hear myself say “I wish I hadn’t eaten that.”
Did I eat anything today that I regret eating?

Yes – 2 smallish Fage yogurt bowl with agave and cacao

2. Self Care Plan

buy only healthy food
log all food – yes
2.5 liters fluid in

Oral and Face Care:
morning oral/tooth care and wash face
evening oral/tooth care and wash face

Rome book

Breathing – 100x
104 x breaths with StressEraser

Reasonable Exercise Plan:
Bag Workout

Sleeping – time up and time to bed, any naps
arose 6:30 am
Nap 12-1, 2-4 pm
Bed: 11 pm

Chinchilla care:
romp done

Other self care:
I did house cleaning and took my pills
I feel good about exercising

1. log all food – OK
2. get 2L in – OK
3. Read Roman Empire book – OK

1. exercise
2. do above self care
3. take my antibiotics 3 x a day for the full course


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