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HeerenLo..x 2014- finding myself and continuing to grow.

grow up (read all 5 entries…)
I'm 21

and all the people I went to school and college with have already finished studying. I took 2 years out to work so I guess I feel like I have not achieved as much as them, sure I made money while I was working but a degree would have meant more to my family. They continue to tell me that I have nothing to show and I guess they are right. Being told this by them makes me feel like I am about 9 years old. Another thing is that they are pretty controlling, I messed up a exam I took and all they want to see me do is studying. Sometimes its cool to get a push from your parents but I swear I feel as if every waking moment is spent studying. Its crazy, I wish I worked harder for my last exam and I know that I cannot turn back time now but God I just know my life would have been slightly better.

I crashed my car about 2 months ago and since then my parents have been overprotective about me driving, It just makes it so damn difficult for me to progress as a driver and get my confidence back. I actually get a bit uneasy when driving on new routes now. That never used to happen before.

I live at home and have been doing since College finished, I work part time and my parents seem hell bent that I should save up. Fair enough, that is a good habit but seriously I just want to relax a bit and not have to worry about being short of money.

I’m Asian so yes they do have a lot of say in my life and they tell me that it is all for my own benefit but damn I feel like I am not growing up at all! I have explained that I will ask for their advice If I need it but they still seem to interfere.


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