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August Bootcamp 2011: Building Routines (read all 26 entries…)
How is everyone doing with their routines?

I’ve not been doing so well. I was doing great for a while but i’m in a non productive rut.

I was reading my goal pyramid from last year (you write your goals for the week, month, year and 5 years) I have accomplished absolutly none of them this year except loosing weight but I was sick and had no choice! This year is going to be about taking better action towards the goals that really matter to me and less about the small superficial things that don’t add up to productivity.

so for the rest of the month, i will work on building the routines that are going to get me where I need to be and weeding out the routines that are already in my life and that are negative.


colourful soul wishing all you awesome people an awesome 2014! <3

same here..

gd luck! :)

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