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What You Read On The Internet

Don’t trust everything you read on the internet, especially when it comes to people posting about, The End of The World will happen next year, 2012., or a Comet is going to hit our earth, etc, etc., who you believe and trust in, is, space.com
They tell the truth of what’s going on in our space, and they know whats going on. Also their has been so many false predictions these past few years, their is no sense to keep worrying about anything bad happening to our earth. It states right in the bible anyhow, when it’s our end of the earth, nobody will know the time of God’s Return, nobody. The Rapture or any of this what you have been hearing, is just people making false profits, and trying to get people to pay attention to their Views on the internet. People post a lot of false accusations on the internet. Their are so many false stories on the internet, just don’t be naive, believe in your heart what’s real, and what’s not.



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