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A Relationship With Jesus

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Providencia Hernandez is growing in Jesus, and getting stronger.

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The Lord is helping me get rid of things in my life, which has a lot to do with my old self. Like, anime, games, and such. I didn’t realize that I was held by it so tightly. And just how much of I had and still had. It has been a bit weird and not-so-easy. Quite frankly, it’s not like alcohol or drugs or pornography; but it’s still something different. It’s living in another world. I’m still getting rid of those things.

I wondered why I was so into it…if rejection has anything to do with it, it’s because I thought I didn’t have anything to live for; nothing really mattered that much; so why not just live in dreams and have fun? Or, this world rejects me, and no one ACTUALLY cares; there’s no love so, why not just live in a different world and have fun while I’m at it? I wonder if that was the case.

But…I hope to overcome this soon.




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