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explore the city i live in (read all 2 entries…)

I’ve pretty much been wrapped up in my own life for ages and ages; the only time I’ve actually stopped to enjoy the things around me has been when I was on holiday overseas. For years I’ve had this mentality that there’s nothing interesting around here, that anything that’s even remotely worth getting interested in is somewhere else. So I’ve ended up plodding through my life ignoring all the sights and sounds that are just at my doorstep, and when I’ve needed a break I’ve sat back and closed my eyes and hoped I could be anywhere but here.

I guess when you’re a long-time resident of a place you get kind of immune to its charms. As things become more familiar they seem less special, and you forget that every place in the world is singular, with merits and demerits unique upon itself.

I want to look at my home with fresh eyes. I want to remember that there is nowhere else quite like here in the entire world. I want to remember that this city has a history, that it is constantly changing, and that as someone who lives here I am in the best position to observe it. Every city has its little delights and surprises, and I don’t want to grow jaded towards them ever again.

So I’m going to aim to visit places that I don’t often go to, because even within this little city I do have a comfort zone that I rarely venture out of.

Bonus points if I get mistaken for a tourist. ;)


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