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Meet goal on Weight Watchers (read all 75 entries…)
Weekly Meeting (Wk 67)

Some might think that this is done. I am, after all, at LIFETIME. Alas, my goal was not LIFETIME, but my personal goal weight was 127. I am starting to think I will not like that weight and will wind up happier at 135. A part of me wants to stop, not for lack of ability or being tired of the journey but because I am truly happy with my body and skin and do not want to lose more weight. I want my tummy tuck and I want to firm up some muscle, but weight wise I think I would not like to lose more. The thing that keeps this going, the thing that makes me unable to just stop and not get to 127 is that I have achieved each goal and I am a little scared of what will happen if I let myself “off the hook” on this one.
This week I was aiming for a .4 loss at the most and weighed in down 1.4 – for a weight of 135.2!!! Wow, just wow.



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