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clean and organize my place to perfection (read all 22 entries…)
what motivates me to clean? 20 videos of malitose79. thanks malitose79.

after painting my bathroom, i pulled everything out, purged the stuff i didn’t need and carefully organized everything underneath the cabinets. yay! done. not doing that for another 5 years, thanks.

the word “purged” comes from watching 20 videos of malitose79 on youtube (she has 200+ videos on organizing/decluttering/cleaning)... and seeing her perfectly organized and “purged” of clutter home.

mentally, telling myself i need to purge my crap sounds like something serious vs “i need to throw stuff away grumble

also, my friend came over the other day, so the stuff i’ve been putting off for weeks got done. vacuumed the living room, bathroom and kitchen. fantasticed the kitchen, including the range hood vent. threw all the papers into a large bag. crazy what one hour of “friend’s coming over, gotta clean asap” can do.

i also got inspired to vinegar away a spot on the carpet that was annoying me.



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