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I am grateful to be getting my home back into shape, after neglecting it to support another person, who no longer wants my support.

I am happy and grateful that I received a response from my friend that I haven’t heard from in over a year. I miss her & am so grateful she’s not annoyed at me, like I thought she was. I cried tears of gratitude as I read it.

I am happy and grateful that I finally plucked up the courage and sent her that email, and another one that I did last week- both resulted in very positive outcomes!

I also went to the women’s health centre, which is less than a mile from me, to sign up for cheaper holistic treatments, unfortunately they were closed for their Summer holidays, but I’ll go back on Monday and sign up.

I was persistent, clear & calm requesting a telephone conversation with a business client (who is also recently my ex), so that we could establish boundaries around a working relationship going forward.

I conducted that business conversation calmly, and with dignity, despite my being so extremely hurt & angry by him. I want to finish the project, because I love doing this type of work & I know it will bring results in his business, and I love being part of that. It sucks that it’s for him though, if I’m honest. Because I don’t believe he valued me, and I believe as soon as he realised how ill I actually am, that at the moment I’m not the high powered, energetic business woman that I usually am, he stopped loving me.

So the success around that is, he wasn’t treating me appropriately, I communicated that it was unacceptable- I am no longer in an unsatisfying relationship= Woo Hooo!!! That is success in my book! (despite my heart feeling like it’s been ripped out).

During the conversation with him, he brought something person in, and I calmly and clearly communicated that it was a personal issue, and not up for discussion in our business relationship. I said “I am happy to be civil and have a good business relationship with you, but discussion of anything person is off the table”

Well done me!!!!!!!!

Woooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!!


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