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Spells for Grow Wings (read all 3 entries…)

have any of you guys heard about ‘The Secret’ ?
because i am trying to get my wings using it, and if you guys want to know what it is just tell me. :D. it is also called the Law of Attraction. :)


Hexxy In love and wanting wings

I want to know plz


ok, so basically it is when like attracts like. so if you think abuot wings ALL THE TIME you will attract wings towards you.
Also if you are happy because of wings it will also attarct wings to you. For example, a thing that i do id that i walk around thinking im so happy because i have wings!!!
And that leads on to the next way of using the law of attraction. Pretend like you already have wings, and the law of attraction will respond to those thoughts and will give you wings :D you know maximum ride 17? thats hoow she got her wings, she walked around thinking and believing she already had wings, and after 2/3 months she looked in the mirror and THERE THEY WERE :D
ALSO: when you are pretnding that you have wings, make sure you dont do anything that tells the law of attraction you dont have wings, like doing more spells, and stuff.
Another thing you can try doing is write about your wings everyday. For example: I am so happy that i have black feathered wings! ect ect ALWAYS DO THIS IN THE PRESENT TENSE otherwise you are opposing your thoughts again.
Also, you can visualiz yourself flying everyday and experience the emotions you have because of your wings.
Never think that it is not working, and never think that this is a big thing so it might take longer. To the law of attraction everything from a pebble to a mountain is the same, so if you think that wings are just a small thing compared to the law of attraction they will probably come sooner. Draw a circle and then put a dot in the middle and then label it ‘my wings’ that helps you imagine it :D

wow, that was me exploding on the keyboard, if that didnt make any sense, just watch this (its a bit long, thats why i tried suming it up lol)


there are also two books….but i dont know if you will need them, the movie is pretty good :)

Hexxy In love and wanting wings

ok thanks


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