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Lose 60 lbs
Today is the day

I’ve claimed that I’m going to start before, but this time I’m serious; but I usually say that as well. I am sick of being self concious, of hating my self, of wanting to cry in public places, of people thinking I’m little miss perfect when I feel like I am completely useless. People can’t pretend that I am healthy at this weight. I am obviously over weight. I am 180 something lbs (at college no scale anymore). I’m buying a scale this weekend. I’m working out each day. I am holding myself accountable. I can do this. I can acheive this goal. That’s all it is, another goal, but instead of starting at the top like I do in school (you know everyone starts with 100%) or just being faster in a race or just acting happy when meeting new people I am going starting at the bottom. Far behind everyone else, approximately 60 lbs. I want to be healthy. I want to be free.



I want to:
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