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get rid of my acne (read all 2 entries…)
I mostly consider this goal completed

But I still have a lot of red marks that need to fade (and scars, but those may not fill back out completely), and I still get some minor clogs here and there, so I’m not marking this complete just yet. I think I know what is triggering some of the clogging, so hopefully in a few weeks once I lay off what is potentially contributing, my skin will look even better. I also still have body acne, albeit mild, with numerous red marks as well. I’m hoping that by this Christmas my skin will be at a place where I feel I can complete this, but so far I really only get a couple of pimples every few weeks at most.

I cleared my acne up within 2-3 months by going water-only. I no longer use any tools or products, and I do believe that leaving my hands out of the cleansing equation the majority of the time is the most beneficial, using my hands only to rub away any flakes or if my skin feels like it might need it. I stopped picking, which helped immensely. I’ve also been water-only head-to-toe, and it’s been pretty wonderful thus far.



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