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pro wedding photographer

Specifically, I am trying to turn my career toward pro wedding photography. A lot of my trouble is that my equipment, particularly a d90 body, is generally frowned upon by my would be hirers. Despite this, I lucked out on Craigslist and a local Indian/Middle Eastern photog has been hiring me for semi-regular work second shooter, which is helping to expand my non-existent portfolio. I’m hoping to 1) keep working with him but 2) use that as a launch pad into other non-Indian/Middle Eastern work as well. I’m not looking to shoot that particular market exclusively, after all!

I desperately want to upgrade my camera body, but it just is not in the cards right now. I can barely afford the rentals when I need them! A lot of photographers won’t hire you unless you’re using a “pro” equipment, though, and while I’m unsure I really want to work for/with those kinds of snobs, I can also see why that might be necessary. On Craigslist the average second shooter ad gets something like 100 responses in the first hour. It’s ridiculous and overwhelming.

My goal right now is to finish my work for Denise and Mikael’s wedding, shoot for Adam next week, and keep working for Zia while updating my blog. Once I’m through all that, surely, I can go back to trawling Craigslist for the slightest hint of possible photog gigs.



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