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Epic Sunshine Bleak Mid-Winter, Holst, followed by Appalachian SPRING, Copland.

get rid of old and unwanted things (read all 83 entries…)
I pitched some utilitarian things I needed but have replaced.

Their associations had long gone but it was still cathartic.

The flood waters have receeded and people are returning to their homes. But there are now homeless people too and I feel lucky. I drove through part of the area today on an errand. Mud covers streets and people are busy cleaning, fixing, replacing. Goodbye flood hope never to see you again.

I avoided listening to a lot of the 9/11 commemorations. I was struck by a survey of Afghanis that revealed very very few know about 9/11 and those who do think it was somebody else. It is emotional. I am an American and glad for it. I am also befuddled how we could have mismanaged all that post 9/11 good will in the world and among ourselves.



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