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iamevoxus there is freedom in letting go

learn to speak Portuguese (read all 31 entries…)
ive re-opened

this goal, as i want to try and work on this.

im planning on trying to listen to some language cds i have, as well as listening to portuguese music, watching movies in portuguese. i might even read in portuguese, if i can find a interesting book somewhere. or maybe just read online on portuguese sites. also will ask the folks to talk to me as much as possible in portuguese and to explain things to me when i dont understand or how to say things, etc. i also work with lots of portuguese and brazillian people so i may as well ask them to teach me stuff when i get a chance.

im also looking into some online language learning sites, see what i can find to help with this.

ive tried on and off over the years to learn it but its never stuck with me. going to try again this time. im a bit embarressed that i cant speak the language of my heritage or that i cant conversate with some family members and relatives.

i would love to one day be fluent. but lets jsut try and give this ago again and take our time with it. baby steps.


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