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be a virgin until marriage

I remained a virgin until I married the Love of My Life, whom I met after college graduation. I had had a very serious boyfriend in high school, and it was difficult not to give in to our bodily desires and stay pure. But we knew that we would carry scars if we slept together but never married. And we did not marry after all. We each moved on and found the Ones who were perfect for us. I don’t think I would’ve been devastated if we’d slept together, but I would’ve regretted not waiting for my future husband, who is more than I ever could have dreamed of.
It’s very difficult to stand firm and not give in to temptation in today’s sex-saturated culture, but it’s totally worth it to wait! What a gift that you will be able to give your spouse some day! And you won’t have regret, disappointment, scars, or STDs to worry about!
If you do mess up, don’t freak out but forgive yourself and the other person, and re-commit yourself to stay pure. You are worth the effort, and so is your future spouse.


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