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Mennonite Church in Bronx

www.lightoftruthmennonite.org/     Every Sunday Morning 10:30am Everyone is welcome

Cedarbrook Church

www.cedarbrook.org/     Building relationships Serving the needy Cultivating authentic faith.

New Life Christian Church

www.newlife4me.com/     A safe place to discover God 2 locations, same great stuff!

Christ Our Savior Church

www.christoursaviorchurch.net/     Located in Sterling, VA WELS Luthern Church

Life-Giving Church?

www.l3church.com/     L3 Love God Love People Love Life! Lifechurch of MD 9:15 & 10:30am

Church life in the homes

www.christianhomes.net/     Share God's love together. Preach the gospel in our lives.

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I tried going to church over 2 years ago, but the people were scary happy, and i felt empty after every service. I want to find a church where i will feel more connected to G-d.


Hey im not sure if this helps in anyway, but try going to more of the older churches. I tried going to modern churches that just reminded me of self-help book reading fanatics. Go for something really traditional..

They are traditionally not so “now every body hug in the name of our LORD :D :D :D”.. and some people find that lonley. But the buildings are often are a beautiful, the icons mystifying and the candels warming. I think they offer a unique place for connectedness thats away from modern plasma-screen and community bake sales. Not that there is anything wrong with that. =)

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DamiTrice Happy Year of the Horse!

you might try

the 9Marks Church Search:

and note that sometimes it takes a bit of time to become part of a church. You might try looking for a smaller church or for a church that has small groups. Often it helps if you’re connecting directly to mature Christians and you can be part of each others lives and help with each others struggles

DamiTrice Happy Year of the Horse!

just heard about this one too

you can find a church directory here of churches which should be really solid.

thank you, i’m now searching for a church again, very helpful website .


I want to:
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