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Mackenzie(love_H2O) Just Smile (:

become a mermaid

guys is there going to be a H2O just add water season 4 ???
well i found this photo…yours conclusions!


♒Serenity♒ Love is a weakness; only pain will linger.

There is! I already have real proof, but I can’t show it to you unless you give me a good reason why you wanna see it! ;)

(This comment was deleted.)

Mackenzie(love_H2O) Just Smile (:

well i can wait to see it in the TV! :)
well maybe is going to be a movie or a new season…they are saying!
kisses! ^^

♒Serenity♒ Love is a weakness; only pain will linger.

They will! And instead of explaining me myself to you, I’ll give you the link! :)

Mackenzie(love_H2O) Just Smile (:

I hope it’s truth..:)
well i think the photo they had in the site i don’t think is them(H2O).. This remind me the season 4 from Hannah Montana.(Forever)
anyway, I hope all those things who say the site are true… kisses! ^^

♒Serenity♒ Love is a weakness; only pain will linger.

Don’t worry! They are! I have a list of all the episodes on 1 website but I can’t find the true website…XP Lol :)

Mackenzie(love_H2O) Just Smile (:

haha x)
ok! well good luck! ;)


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