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freakyfishy i am trying to find a good fairy spell

spells on mermaids

1) Copy this comment to TEN MERMAID QUESTIONS before you go to bed (Act quickly! If you go to bed, it won’t work!)
2) Copy this spell near a large body of water (a big lake or a ocean/sea for example)(If people notices you, if your far away from a large body of water, or if your near a small body of water, a hot tub, pool, or a athtub for example, it won’t work!)
3) Choose a choice of a color of your tail and era (if your female) and your power (for exmaple, a red tail, a pink era, and the power of love) (Remember to add it to the spell or it won’t work.)
4) Now get in the water and the exciting part, TADA! Your a mermaid/merman!
The spell: I want to be a mermaid, I don’t wanna drown, make me a mermaid, please, sea gods, I want a (color) tail, a (color) era (only if your a female), and the power of (type), now you understand, sea gods, make me one now.
Power choices: Love, Life, Death, Fire, Water, Snow, Sand, and Eletricity
Color choices:
*Red (Love and Fire)
*Orange (Fire and Sand)
*Yellow (Life, Fire, and Eletricity)
*Green (Life)
*Blue (Snow and Water)
*Purple (Death)
*Pink (Love)
*White (Snow)
*Black (Death)
That’s all!


wow were did u get it

were on earth did u find this spell !!!!! and thanks for the spell it worked i love 43 things im a mer-girl now my color is blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy ,happy,happy,happy,happy,happy, happy, happy so super happy thanks


so the spell works? im gonna try it can i have the power of wish granting? what do u mean by copy this comment? please answer fast i want to be a mermaid really bad


I want to:
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