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I Want To Be A Mermaid How

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freakyfishy i am trying to find a good fairy spell

how do you become a mermaid?

1) Copy this comment to TEN MERMAID QUESTIONS before you go to bed (Act quickly! If you go to bed, it won’t work!)
2) Copy this spell near a large body of water (a big lake or a ocean/sea for example)(If people notices you, if your far away from a large body of water, or if your near a small body of water, a hot tub, pool, or a athtub for example, it won’t work!)
3) Choose a choice of a color of your tail and era (if your female) and your power (for exmaple, a red tail, a pink era, and the power of love) (Remember to add it to the spell or it won’t work.)
4) Now get in the water and the exciting part, TADA! Your a mermaid/merman!
The spell: I want to be a mermaid, I don’t wanna drown, make me a mermaid, please, sea gods, I want a (color) tail, a (color) era (only if your a female), and the power of (type), now you understand, sea gods, make me one now.
Power choices: Love, Life, Death, Fire, Water, Snow, Sand, and Eletricity
Color choices:
*Red (Love and Fire)
*Orange (Fire and Sand)
*Yellow (Life, Fire, and Eletricity)
*Green (Life)
*Blue (Snow and Water)
*Purple (Death)
*Pink (Love)
*White (Snow)
*Black (Death)
That’s all!



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