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Mary Geraldine is freaking out

be a foster parent

The mister picked up an information packet and application yesterday from DSS. It’s actually more like a 3 part application with no information. I am thinking about meeting with a social worker to discuss specifics. Until then I have been thinking about things that need to be done before we even consider filling out this application.

Get Married
Continue to rehome pets
Clean & Organize
Fence in yard (or at least part of it)
Build outdoor dog kennels
Get new clothes dryer
MOW THE YARD regularly and have lawn mower
Finish dry wall
Replace carpet & linoleum
Finish moving furniture in
Fix water damage & reside house?
Fix kitchen cabinet doors
Replace interior doors
Change exterior locks & knobs
Build bedroom
Fix smoke detectors
Get fire extinguisher
Procure gun case
Get Mister in college
Finish Cosmetology school
Continue College
Someone needs a full time job

These are all things that need to be done anyway so there is no reason for them not to happen. Then once I am satisfied with our home and life in general we can look into the application process. I will probably go ahead and set up the guest bedroom with bunk beds so that it will not be an issue in the future.

30 hours training
home study
fire inspection
physcial exams
TB test
background check
CPR, First Aid, ETC
rabies vaccinations
etc etc etc


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