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I discovered a new blog today...

...called Faith in Society, and the author, Simon Barrow, hasn’t posted anything since 2010. Several months before his final post, he wrote that a friend had asked him why he’d been so silent on his blog of late, and he replied that ”...(as I often say) if you start to worry about ‘not posting enough’ then something is seriously wrong in terms of life balance. Writing, in whatever form, and to whatever audience (or lack of audience) ought to be an effervescence not a chore, and other things in life ought to take priority. So if I’m here I’m here, and if I’m not I’m not, I guess.”

Reading this made me think likewise for me and 43 Things. Lately, other things seem to be taking priority, and my energy levels seem to be running low, and my computer is running slow, and the thought of posting here seems more a chore than an effervescence. I hope all this will change. (Tonight, I’m using a borrowed computer.) Until then, if I’m here, I’m here, and if I’m not, I’m not, I guess.


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