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Visit the 9 Burmese refugee camps in Thailand (& be around to see them close)! (read all 2 entries…)

There are 9 camps along the thai burma border totaling around half a million people living in shabby bamboo houses, minor rations and low quality rice, unable to move freely because they do not have identity, and many who have witnessed violence and horrific occurances back in their homelands. I have been fortunate enough to visit 2 so far – both wildly different, the peoples mentality and situation especially, as well as access to education, health care etc.
This goal is for my curiosity, but it is something i will only do legitimately – i have heard of some tourists turning up and walking in some(Mae la esp. as its along a main road) and i don’t feel that wandering around would do anyone any good, but i hope to work along the border long enough to get the opportunity to help out and visit the others….

Heres a map of the settlements http://www.tbbc.org/camps/camps.htm


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