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Mary Geraldine is freaking out

fix up my house (read all 6 entries…)
...little by little...

...by little…

Let’s try this again since the 43things machine just deleted my last post…...

Saturday we built a “gate” of sorts to go across the driveway so that we won’t have anymore unexpected visitors. It’s not permanent and its not reeeeally a gate but it does the job. We erected a post on either side of the driveway and hung a logging chain between the two. It’s locked to each post so that you need a key to get in if it is closed. We also have a no trespassing sign and reflectors to hang on it. Eventually we plan to put the house numbers on one of the posts as well. It will have to be changed to an actual gate whenever we build a fence… So like I said, it isn’t perfect or permanent but its great for now!!

We also fixed the mailbox. The stickers were peeling off and it was hanging off the post by one screw and a rotten piece of wood. It also didn’t close at the time! We took it down, removed the stickers (sort of), repainted the mailbox, remounted it on new wood with a brace and everything, and painted our house number and last names on it and fixed the door. It still doesn’t look perfect, but its 10x better than it was.

We moved a fish tank and two fish tank stands OUT of the house and moved a couple of cabinets and a clothing rack IN the house. Yay for storage space and organization tools!! Now we can optimize the space that we have in those areas by putting books on the shelves and clothes in the drawers and on the clothing rack.

The best part of the whole deal in my opinion is that we are preparing to remodel the guest bathroom. We picked out tile, bought a sample tile, are taking measurements, and plan to buy more materials Friday. We haven’t decided 100% on everything that we plan to do in the bathroom, but I think we are starting to get a pretty good idea. Cherry blossom marble tile with silver fixtures etc. I’m excited!



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