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oblea100x you came on your own, that's how you'll leave

wear fake eyelashes
time telling my to say farewell but i knew that i would fight hell and i know we will...


Ugh. Strip eyelashes. They feel heavy, they are SUCH a hassle to put on, I got a bit of glue into my eye (and it burns like a motherfucker), and the look isn’t that amazing. Plus I lost a couple of my own eyelashes when taking the fake ones off. Bwah. The individual lashes are all right I guess, but I don’t love wearing heavy liquid eyeliner just to “hide them” and make them look natural.

I’d rather wear mascara. Easier to apply, feels more luxurious than putting on human hair on your eyes, and doesn’t creep the fuck out of guys when you’re taking them off ;)


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