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iamevoxus there is freedom in letting go

quit smoking... eventually (read all 23 entries…)
day 4

still going strong! im so happy! :)


went fine, had the odd pang, but nothign major. one of my friends at work, who smokes said, come lets go for a smoke before we start work. so i told her then that i had stopped smoking. and she said thats really good, and how long etc. she then said to come chat with her outside anyways which she did while she smoked. and i did that. and i was so busy chatting with her or looking around, that i didnt even notice her smoking or feel uncomfortable or deprived or anything, i completely forgot that it was an issue! that was cool.

then later that night at work, one of my bosses was talking to one of my colleauges who smokes and i heard him talking to him, saying “when i used to be a smoker… bla bla…” (he used to be a 40 a day smoker – 2years ago and still loves the idea of smoking but never touched them again)... so i went up to them and said, “yeah i also used to be a smoker” and smiled at him. they both looked at me shocked, cos they knew me only as a smoker. so he said “did u quit?” i said “yeah since saturday” and i said havent u noticed i havent asked for “a ciggarette break lately on my shifts”. “oh yeah now i noticed.” he asked how i was finding it and said he was proud of me and i should have a drink on the house after work, for stopping :) i didnt take him up on that drink cos i forgot, but i might do it next time im working with him.

so yeah good day. people are finding out im a non smoker lol. i do feel good :)


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