List 43 Things I hate

1) Christian Fundamentalists
2) Republicans (hope they DIE already)!!!
3) the GOP/Tea Party
4) Tea Partiers
5) Zoosexuality/Homosexuality/Bisexuality/AB/DL/TG haters
6) Regular haters of my music, etc.. (People who call me names, etc.)
7) organized religion
8) the Bible
9) Neighbors
10) Cops
11) Redneck Christians
12) Anti-Nudity, Anti-Zoosexuality laws and lack of social acceptance for AB/DL/TG people
13) most American-made products (definitely flawed)
14) Sarah Palin
15) FOX News
16) Having to Not Give A Fuck what other people say or think
of me or people like me
17) Losing you; losing the ex-girlfriend who took my breath
away and who lives in New York on Long Island! :’)
18) Snitches aka Complainers and Whiners to Public Officials
19) That annoying, loud chirping sound on many car alarm
20) Country music
21) Trying To Convince People – which is very difficult if
they have fiercely conflicting opinions
22) Fish, except Shrimp (if with sauce) and Fish sticks
23) Bird Shit and Tree Sap and Leaves, Twigs, etc. on my
freshly-washed car
24) Judgmental People aka Narrow-Minded People
25) Hypocrites
26) Liars
27) SUVs
28) Capitalism & Communism
29) Rich People
30) Toyota & Toyota Tercel haters
31) People As A Whole; Humanity; The Whole Human Race
32) Wigger haters
33) Losing my earrings
34) Time
35) Money
36) Living In Poverty
38) Diseases and Medical Disorders such as IBS, GERD, etc…
39) PCs
40) Apathetic People
41) the Law
42) Animal Abusers and Crueltiers
43) Animal Rights Activists and People Who Support Them acting hypocritical when it comes to “ethical” treatment of non-human animals…



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