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Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3 (read all 24 entries…)
Wednesday, 5 October
  • qi gong
  • qi gong in the park
  • qi gong in the park in the sun
  • qi gong in the park in the sun in october!
  • qi gong in the park in the sun in october … followed by impromptu prosecco drinking to celebrate our teacher’s birthday, yay!

followed by me arriving at work feeling squiffycheery, seeing my boss for the first time in months and, when he asked how i was, saying sth to the effect of: “oh, great. i’m completely drunk and i haven’t done any work for ages.”

(i am re-reading Bridget Jones’s diary, which i still think is a Meisterwerk, and clearly got myself confused with her. good job there was no fireman’s pole in the vicinity. also good that my boss took it very well. phew.)



Excellent comment indeed! Next time someone at work asks me how I am, I think I’ll copy that. ;)
And Bridget Jones diary certainly is a Meisterwerk, no doubt about that! Hold on to it though. Someone might mortenharket it, since it says diary on the cover.

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