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#35 Jasmine Green by "the Tea Nation"

This was another pick-up from the tea section at marhsals. NO NO NO!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!0 It is a scented jasmine tea – as jasmine teas are commonly scented, while good ones will have jas petals and real jasmine essence, sometimes I like a light fake jasmine taste lol. Well this is so fake it is so horribly, heavily and cheaply scented. To give you an even clearer picture, you could basically just go drink from a bottle of parfume and even that might taste better.

0 / 10 YIKESSS

- I got tea nation mango tea also but upon opening the wrap, that super strong sweet parumey smell of mango eau de toilet came wafting in the room and I smply threw it out. Actually, it would have made a decent bathroom freshener.


GetThere You want to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.

Ah! Over scented is the worst! I feel for you!


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