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Citi's Network for Women

www.linkedin.com/professionalwomen     Citi and LinkedIn have partnered to connect Professional Women

Women for Women Charity

www.womenforwomen.org/     Help A Woman Regain Dignity & Hope. Sponsor A Woman Survivor Of War.

Women: Reclaim Your Power

www.tarcherbooks.net/     Learn 7 steps women must follow to reclaim their half of the universe.

Empower Women Abroad

www.crossculturalsolutions.org/     Volunteer Abroad & Change Lives. From 1 Week To 1 Year Abroad.

Education Empowerment

www.girlrising.com/buydvd     Educate Girls, Change the World. Show Your Support & Get Your DVD.

Speak_Now Love believes what cannot be possible. And then love makes it happen.

Strengthen and Empower Women; Now and Forever: (read all 54 entries…)
Hall Of Champions JML 1995: --- .... (One For All And All For Love)

“Champions are propelled by desire, not compelled by fear.”

Denis Waitley

I Love You.

Peace, Love



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