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Rejecting hurtful words

Last night, I was browsing through old photos and came across my mum’s old photos. I told her that I couldn’t understand why people say that we’re alike. Even my brother can’t see the similarity. Then she said that she thinks she is more beautiful when she was younger. I look more like my dad’s side and so more ugly. In the past, i would have felt sad. But, last night, I told her that I don’t think so, her cheeks were too chubby and besides, my cousin looked the best. Sometimes, I really think that parents who pride themselves too much for being beautiful can really hurt their children self-esteem as they feel ashamed that their children are “not as beautiful as them”.
Anyway, just glad that I no longer accept her remarks as facts :)


Beginnings Here Finding Me in ease in 2014

wow….good for you.

to not take this personally. All about where she is, not about you.

Hard to do. But you did it!


Yes, it isn’t easy. It has taken me many years to be able to do it. But, at least I can finally see things clearly :)

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