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Krisd just made gluten free banana bread

learn to draw
Baby steps

I have a lot of art books and supplies but I never seem to sit down and create anything. Last night I was looking at a book, How to Draw Anything” and was trying to do one of the exercises. I did get a little frustrated because I seem to be very challenged at perspective and how to draw to scale. Although I didn’t complete it I was still very happy that I put some effort in!


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Take your time. Unless you have some kind of magic hand, then you can’t pick up a pencil and draw a professional portrait. I haven’t been to an art school, and I can draw realistic look animals already. In about two years, but I’ve been practicing and drawing all my life. Drawing is my specialty, actually. By the way, some people are great at drawing animals, machines, humans, ect, and some are good at drawing all. So don’t get upset if you can’t draw a good looking drawing. Keep trying. Believe me, it pays off.

Krisd just made gluten free banana bread

Thanks for your input:) I’m curious, how did you learn to draw? I remember being better at it when I was younger and I could focus more. I need to set time aside to really practice…most of the time I get in my own way. I have a feeling I will have plenty of time this winter…seems like it’s going to be a snowy one…zoinks!

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