Pomodoro at least 5 of the next 7 days and record it here (read all 9 entries…)
6 October Thursday


This would be Day 7 for this goal. Needed to Pomodoro.

And here is what happened on Thursday:
I was recovering from yet another cold, and my somewhat discouraging Wednesday. But was ENcouraged by the fact that this time my cold seemed like it would be lasting only a few days. Not 10. And it would only be really bad for 1.5 or 2 days. So that’s really progress for me in terms of health (a separate goal I added because I felt I needed to track it, just because I was becoming discouraged at how much time and effort I was needing to spend on it, and how often it seemed to be taking my time and energy away from my other goals.)

I was also encouraged by the fact that it seemed that I would be able to go in the morning to my little volunteer job… the cold would not keep me from that. Yay!

So off I went, and I did my first day of the volunteering. I had taken such good care of myself, no one could even tell I was sick. No coughing or sneezing. I stayed all morning and really had fun (although I was slower at learning things that I would have otherwise been, but that’s fine.)

And what I did while I was there was use the Pomodoro all morning in the office while I was entering data. That was really interesting! That’s the first time I have used it in an office environment. So I got a chance to see how much time in an office environment you actually spend working on assignments, and how much time is spent on interruptions.

I had the rest of the day planned such that I would work on my own personal pomodoros. Really, those are the only pomodoros that count for me right now. I was going to go to the nearby library to do them. I ate the lunch that I brought and headed off.

But, I went to wait for the train and I felt just awful. I tried to rally but I couldn’t. I could see I needed to go home.

Long story short(er), I ended up falling asleep at home in my clothes, and not waking again until 9pm. No personal pomdoros for me. I think I needed sleep more.

So all-in-all, a week of fits and starts. Two steps forward and one step back, as I told another 43T’er. It’s hard for me when I get knocked off the horse all the time with illness, but I need to keep remembering the progress I am making, and also the fact that my health and vigor is getting much better as well.

So I think that although it did not go exactly the way as I’d imagined it in my head when I made the goal, I am going to call this a success and do it again over the next 7 days.


I'm a master of two steps forward...

... and two steps backward, for what it’s worth… :-) So if you wind up with a net positive step, good for you! :) And hey, sleep is a non-negotiable in the grand scheme of health and energy for life. ‘Cause if you don’t have those, what’s the point, right? (Though falling asleep in one’s pajamas might be more comfortable in the long run.) :)

That's such a nice

thing to say. Thank you.

And yes – pajamas would certainly be more comfortable! Humph. Who plans on needing to put them on at 4pm in the afternoon?! I was still in denial. :)

Ah yes, sleep and health are non-negotiable, and so sumptuous too when we think to stop and savor them.

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