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Donderjaeger 2014 the year of chores :)

Stop pushing myself so hard (read all 15 entries…)
managing conflict or just not being there

Considering the conflict I had at work recently, I guess I had better focus on this more, i.e. recognize that putting up with someone else’s toxic personality does not meet my needs – unless they are unhealthy needs!!! I wonder if being compassionate and understanding can be confused with being a martyr.

I didn’t exactly start the conflict, but I allowed myself to be invited to someone else’s anger party. There is a very fine line between learning to be more assertive and accepting those invitations, though…

The upshot of this is that I should have refused to work with that individual much earlier, though I had other (economic) reasons for staying where I was.

(Yes, this text can be found as a comment on several of my goals. That should indicate how much it’s tied to improving myself.)


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