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ghammatx Make else's life better

driver license

I drive since I’m 16, but haven’t my license yet (I’m currently 22 :p )


Before you get caught...

go and get your license..bleh…I sound like my mom…Hahahaha…But seriously you should start on this. I think you will enjoy the challenge and the feeling of success you’ll get once you’ve passed the test.

Start with the first step of getting the application form (if your licensing dept requires this) and you’ll be on a roll. Hopefully.

Good luck!

ghammatx Make else's life better


sounds like my mom too.. ! I’m working on this goal since April ;)
Thanks for your encouragement :)

PS: In Belgium you need to pass a first theoretical exam, after six months you can try the manual (real driving) exam.

I see...

So did you already get the theoretical exam? If you did, how did it go?

ghammatx Make else's life better

You motivated me :)

Yes :) I’ve done my theoretical. It was not so difficult, if you study a bit you normally succeed.
I think about taking some courses of driving, maybe 2 hours. So I can see if I’m ready to do the practical exam ^ ^

Go for it!

I don’t drive but I’m equally envious and proud of people who do. So, go, go, go for it!!! Mark the pertinent dates on your calendar so you won’t forget (urgghhh…mommy-mode. sorry!)

Good luck and hope you tick this goal off your list soon =)

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