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Torq living out my limitlessness

Realise my ultimate potential (read all 2 entries…)
What is that

Be a Dad comes to mind, and what about to heart, Be loved.
Be a spiritual being with ultimate potential personified in your human form, ultimately U R ONE, so have fun, and discard some stuff u mean; YES and lots of it. Be Light and carefree ,,,this is your ultimate potential ..and !! REALisable with ease and effortlessness…just burn IT haha the Bodhitorque man. Is that U or your friend Stephen Torqing or is it a big mess called Stephen….that’s why I say Get rid of the STuff…Then you’ll Know.
OK where to start, in your draws, you mean pants…I want a real life. Then don’t do this.U know your ultimate potential. LOVE yep Proud and Sure…How bad dad can u be dummy slimmy unbelievable, unbelievable what you write about yourself…yet another you praise ,,,just be one and have fun….this is all you need do …see it thru.
What exactly does BE one mean? have some FUN…then you’ll know.

mmmm You know what I think, your ulti’mate’ potential is limitless, mating ‘with that in mind, heart and spirit is the tao of Realisation or manifestation’ (I like that word:) it has ‘man’ in it! ah ah ahhh as Tim would say; and ‘i’ to make it personal..or ‘to thine own self be true’..thanks Will’i’AM Shake(your)spear …and I was pretty proud of my javlin throwing at college…thanks to a bit of education from earlier schooling at St.Peters.
Finishing the word: ‘fest’ at i on, I take this to mean BE festive about your actions or what you are at, or i on, (mmmmm probably means get to the beach a lot to fest on those sea ‘ions’ and take up surfing ..yep so my Ultimate potential is to be Surfing, hang out at the beach…totally ‘fest’ive ‘man’. Manifestation
= station yourself at the beach and party!!!! haha)

I’ve done a wee bit of surfing ha well boarding would be more like it, as I’ve stood up for about a nano second…all good.

Well thanks for Being here
love Torq ;)

thanks to this site for pic



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