JWillow waiting for the fog to lift

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Tuesday 25 October

~ gentle morning wake-up kisses

~ finding the washing-up already done

~ sleep

~ a refreshing & uplifting afternoon

~ unexpectedly bumping into a lost friend

~ quiet moments together, reflecting and looking forward


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JWillow waiting for the fog to lift


Thanks BB….I’m not exactly sure it’s meant to be anything in particular – not that I can figure anyway. I just liked the colours & the flow & swirl of the pic; it made me feel good! Glad you like it too! :-)

I love that picture!

Is it something you made? It reminds me of Klimt. Plus, me being an appreciator of all things spirally & whorly, I jussss luvs it!

JWillow waiting for the fog to lift

the feminine side

I only wish I had painted or drawn this myself BeeQ. It’s great isn’t it? The swirls & pure whorliness conjured up a fabulously feminine inner glow when I first saw it and you’re right, it is very Klimt-ish too!
(can’t remember where I found it on the internet, sorry)

The other

artist it conjured for some reason was Hundertwasser…..whom I ADORE….


JWillow waiting for the fog to lift

Oooo yes!

Love this artwork. Thanks for the link BeeQ, now saved in my faves :-)

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