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Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars

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Today's Target: Zijue

I had a private message today from a new account. It turns out that Zijue was suspended yesterday thanks to voting on Neighborhood Watch. I understand how swamped NW has been lately and how it’s easy to just click the wrong button, but after you’ve voted you can change your vote. At the top of that profile page where it normally shows “Report This User” if you’ve voted to suspend them it is replaced with “Unreport This User”. So if you clicked the wrong thing, you just have to click that link and you can remove you vote against the person. Zijue’s been an active member for 4 years and has organized the annual gift exchange. I don’t know of any reason why people would want to suspend her account.

Fortunately Robot Joe has reinstated her quickly, but it’s a shame he had to do that since it was likely the result of people not actually looking at the accounts they are voting on in Neighborhood Watch. If you’re not taking the time to look at the accounts in question, you shouldn’t be voting.


smartstuff Since 2007

I did notice

that right about when Zijue went missing, the NW went from 2k to about 200 active cases…. do you think it was something on the robot end that it just took a whole bunch in a large purge of the swamped NW queue? I’m just questioning if such a thing was a possibility, because I did wonder what happened that in 24 hours or so the watch queue suddenly dropped so dramatically.

Still doesn’t excuse lazy voting, though. Get on that, people! I know spam’s high, but saving out the gems is part of the job description. :)

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


I saw that happen last weekend when it went from 600 to 30 in the span of a minute. With the speed that Robot Joe restored Zijue when I alerted him, I think it would be possible that they did a mass purge.

heaveemetal Still I want And still I ache But still I wait To see you again


A long time user that has done so much was violated like this?

As a Phoenix Rising declares 2014 to be The Year of Yes (please) .

I couldn't figure out who was missing

Zijue must have been reported by Scrooge. Who else doesn’t like Christmas!

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One thing I've noticed when fighting the spam wars

is that it’s reallly easy to just read the flagged entry, whatever is provided. But what you need to do to be fair is go to the person’s entire list. I have an entry or two with embedded links too, but I’m not a spammer. However, if you just looked at those entries, it would appear that was so.


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