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How do you become more gentlemanly?


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being a gentleman was about coming from a “good family”, being educated, having good manners, and usually, having money and a “clean” way of making a living like having investments, or having enough land that you could live off of the tenant farmers without getting your own hands dirty.

I am not too sure about what would be required to be a gentleman today.

I would consider someone a gentleman if they weren’t a drug addict, didn’t drink too much, had good table manners, didn’t interrupt people when they spoke, said “please” and “thankyou”, said things like “would you please pass the salad” instead of “give me the salad”.

I would expect a gentleman to be clean, and to wear clean clothes. To generally have respect for their appearance. I would also expect them to have a reasonably clean home, car, etc. They would not be crass about money and material possessions.

A gentleman would be open-minded, respectful of other people, and compassionate towards others.

A gentleman would be well educated. I don’t really mean having a degree, but good general real life knowledge that is now fairly accessible to most people. Things like an understanding of the politics of their country, good general geography, general history, arts, and so on. He would be committed to expanding his understanding by being curious, and always interested in learning.

He would be able to express himself without being crude, and resorting to crass jokes and swearing. Not that that can’t be fun with close friends, but all the time? No.

With women, a gentleman wouldn’t expect sex, would appreciate women as people, not objects, and would treat them the way they deserve, as full equals.

I could go on, but maybe you should think this through yourself. What do you admire in others?

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It’s about the little things.

Holding a door for an extra second, so another person can get by. It is saying thank you and not taking others for granted. It is about lending a hand when you see someone struggle.

It’s about treating others with respect regardless of who or what they are. And this applies to both women and men. So, it’s not so much about being a gentleman or a lady, it’s about being a good human being.

Amen, Artie

Common courtesy and compassion….manners and empathy….whatever you want to call it.

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I put others before myself. I try to be genuine, polite and kind to everyone I meet.

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This blog The Art of Manliness is fun to read and has great tips for men.

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1. Listen and notice things.
2. Offer to hold the door open and do it .
3. Offer to pay for dinner.
4. have table manners.
5. Offer your coat to you date on a cold night.

Just offering means everything…

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Oh no no no!!!

Don’t offer to pay for dinner—PAY FOR THE DAMN DINNER! Mmmmm hmmm!

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see I am ok with the offer...

lol…..I do like dinner being paid sometimes, but I also like to pay for dinner him.

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Be considerate, gentle, kind and respectful. Hold the door open. Be polite. Have manners. Pay for dinner. (I like that one.) Be on time. Show up with flowers. Compliment often.

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Paying for dinner, depends on the person. I like someone holding the door open, as long as it doesn’t come across as patronizing, and as long as they do it for everyone, not just me. Flowers are nice, but it can come across as too much pressure. I like them on special occasions, or every now and then just as a surprise.

Being on time is very important, and not just on dates. It shows consideration and respect for the other person’s time.

Compliments are great if you mean them, and aren’t using them to be manipulative, or think you are “scoring points” with them.

Being a gentleman is a way of life, not just trying to score with someone on the first couple of dates. Remember, if they like you, you’ve got to keep it up.

Personally, someone who goes over the top on the holding doors, flowers, and “you look wonderful” doesn’t come across as sincere. They come across as trying to get into my pants.

Being a gentleman should be about how you conduct yourself in any situation, not just on first dates. It should count when you are going to work (do you hold the door for strangers? Do you let someone else have your seat if they need it?) It should be who you are when you are out with your friends, and at home with your family.

It should be who you are, not a persona to slip on just to impress someone. It’s about being that person even if no one else is there to see it, and you don’t earn brownie points for it.

On a date, I like someone who genuinely seems interested in me as a person, has consideration for their family, has interests besides gaming and movies, and has good values like honesty and integrity.

Being a gentleman isn’t about pretty manners, it’s about being a good person too.

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you are so right! i guess i have just gotten used to guys who simply want to get in my pants! kidding… but seriously, I do agree with what you said. It’s about being a good person. Not just over the top with pretty manners :)

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Well, I like to lead by example.

Being gentlemanly is not exactly regarded as being very ‘manly’ down where I come from. But still I do endeavour to maintain traditional etiquettes; like offering a man a last meal before his beheading, or helping to untie a client’s boots before pulling out his toe nails one by one, or offering a lady victim a last smoke before stretching her until her eyeballs pop out.

My father brought me up to be very chivalrous. Being an old devil he did have a way with the ladies and I learnt my crass charm and extensive vulgar vocabulary from him.

Ah, my dear old Pa. May Lucifer bless him

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nailed it =D

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a bunch of Cary Grant movies. That guy was the personification – but he wasn’t stuffy about it.

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