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Today the journal came back in the post:/ I don’t know why. I can’t understand the Portuguese on the package, but I will ask the post office tomorrow.

I’m so sorry! I must have done something wrong:( I’ll resend it as soon as possible. Again, sorry to keep everyone waiting even longer.


As a Phoenix Rising declares 2014 to be The Year of Yes (please) .

When I have needed to translate

foreign languages I have used

I’ve heard there is a better translation site, but I can’t remember what it is.

I wouldn’t worry about the journal’s extra journey. =) I’d write about it in the journal so it becomes part of the charm!

I figured it out

It says: “the name of the receiver is not known by the people that actually live in the adress indicated.”

The problem was the actual letters, that were incomprehensible, but I asked a Portuguese:-)
Zijue is trying to get in contact with the reciever, so now we’ve just decided to wait a bit.

That’s a good idea to write about it, I’ll see if I get the time! Thanks:-)

Well it’s good that the journal didn’t get lost. :)


Found :)

Just been contacted by the next recipient on our journal’s journey, so all sorted :) Thanks, molco, for hosting it a second time round :)

Bon voyage encore, journal! :)

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