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this is a rant.

it’s just that I’m home at my parents. and I’m TRYING to work for school. and my dad knows that. and he keeps talking to me. he’s aware of me wanting him to shut up. literally this is how it goes: dad: blablablabla oh sorry I’ll stop distracting you. me: (counts in her head) one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eig- dad: oh btw blablablablablabla me: ... (silence for a couple of blissful seconds) dad: oh did you know blablablablablabla BLABLABLABLABLA oh sorry (silence for a couple of blissful seconds) dad: also, THISISWRONGWITHYOURMOTHERANDTHISANDTHIS



well I feel all better now.

question timmeeeee :D:D

what made you smile today?
have you made someone smile today?


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Hello, Anne. That is annoying, to have someone bother you that way. I have a couple of coworkers like that! Argh! That was a good rant.

What made me smile today was sleeping a full night, puttering about my home this morning, seeing the sunshine and blue sky. It’s all very simple what makes me smile. I’m a SNIP (simple-natured introverted putterer).

Yes, I made my husband smile today as I gave him kisses on the way out the door. Ahhh, alone at last!

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Your beautiful Anne. And take beautiful photos.

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I feel for you 100%, my dad’s been exasperating me quite a lot lately.

I made my brother’s girlfriend smile/giggle at lunch because whenever my dad or sister make a bigoted comment, I let go a sigh or tacitly imply a facepalm with my eyebrow.

I smiled when I shaved because you’ve got to grimace in order to get a better shaving.

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Is there any way

to establish some boundaries? Do you have a private room where you can close the door?

I would put my foot down and say “If the door is closed, I’m working. Please don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency”.

If that won’t work, then study either at school, a friend’s house, or the library. Maybe even a coffee shop.

Let your Dad know that school is expensive, important to you, and time-consuming, and that you need his support.

Now the other side, is make sure you do spend some uninterrupted time with your dad; talk with him during supper, or at breakfast. He probably feels a little odd about you living in his house, and having almost no real contact with you. He may feel a little used, or just cut off from your life. Find something you like to do together, like watching a show, going for a walk, or whatever. He is your dad, after all.

What made me smile, is seeing my goats running around and playing today. They were all wound up, and jumping up and down on everything in their pen.

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What made me smile?

Our neighbor brought her grandaughter over Saturday afternoon to play with our granddaughter and they played for a little bit. Then she took them both back over to her house and fed them an early dinner of spagetti. Luckily, she had them eat out on her deck for they were a bit messy. She then took a picture of them with their spagetti faces and texted it to me which made me smile.


they’re adorable :)

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Things that made me smile today:
early morning conversations
watching others smile

I think I made my boyfriend smile when I told him I loved him, and when we made plans for him to come over again after work tonight.

ooamaimomooo For me, it was always going to be about love.


Actually, aside from a couple moments, lots of things made me smile today. :D

1.First day of my vacation from work!
2. Slept in with my BEBBEH<3
3. Hot cocoa with Cool Whip and an english muffin with butter n’ honey
4. Drawing stuffs
5. Overcast skies
6. Watching A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas with my Sarah and her Chad
7. Making and eating yummy CHICKEN FAJITAS
8. Finally watching new episodes of Beavis and Butthead with my BEBBEH.
9. More drawing stuffs
10. Rain
11. Thunder
12. Lightning
13. Another cup of hot cocoa for good measure * ^ *
14. Cuddles on the couch with my bebbeh and our kitties.<3

And yes. I make someone smile everyday. ‘Cause I’m awesome sauce.

what made you smile today?
good conversation with a new friend while we went on a nice touristy walk of our town.

adorable texts from another new friend (hopefully soon to be more-than-just-a-new-friend).

have you made someone smile today?
the new friend i mentioned first smiled a lot today as we got to know each other.

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