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How To Get Closer To God

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Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

Draw closer to God (read all 33 entries…)
If you say you can't, then you're right. If you say you can, then you're right too

I’m a pessimist. But I know I have become like that. I definitely haven’t been like that all my life…and I certainely don’t want to be like that all the time or all I will attract is negative things. It’s funny how the things we think of most tend to materialise. If you fill yourself with positive thoughts for long enough, then your life becomes positive. Like Solomon said ” the one with a good heart will have a feast constantly”. Negative thinking is a worthwile habit to break. I must admit I give in to it too much, which is why I am at the point that I am now in my life, feeling rather incomplete, inexperienced, unwise etc…
If only I could monitor my thoughts, my “inner conversation” and “make every thought captive to follow Christ” then I would flush myself out of this incidious self-defeating habit…

The mind is a computer. It processes what you put in it. If you inadvertently let a virus in, it slows you or completely shuts you down. But if you only put good data in and protect yourself from viruses, you get useful work.



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