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lets do another round things that I've done

1. In college at Christian camp I was part of an effort that threw the campus staffworker in the lake. She put up a lot of resistance but we were able to overpower her and toss her in.

2. In high school I told off an Army Sergeant when he would not take no as an acceptable answer. First he called my house to want to talk to me about army career options and I hung up on him. After that he called me back as the guy was clearly not used to getting hung up on so I told him off and hung up on him a second time despite his attempt to yell at me for my unacceptable lack of respect to a sergeant.

3. In college at a Christian retreat I took part in a pie attack against a friend by keeping her distracted when four other people moved in with the pies. I did such a good job that she never saw it coming especially since I was normally in the role of photographer not decoy.


Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous Sufficiency 2014 is My Year to FLOURISH! Thank you, Heavenly Papa!


Although all your entries say #1, it’s the 2nd one. I don’t ever see you as being disrespectful. That just does not sound like you. The rest, I can see you doing.

Thanks for the heads up, I fixed the numbers manually. No idea why the formatting code only works for me some of the time and not others.

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


I agree with Doris that you would participate in throwing someone in a lake. I disagree though that you wouldn’t hang up on an army recruiter. So I’m saying that number three is the lie. I think you were the photographer that day.


Actually I was the photographer in both the lake ambush and pie attack. As for the army recruiter while I’m not normally that aggressive that guy was a total jerk who thought that just because he had a title that he had the right to bug you until you either enlisted or admitted that he was right that you were an American hating no good punk whom the country’s air and water was too good to keep your sorry ass alive. To which nothing set him off more but calling him out directly twice in a row that he has NO AUTHORITY OVER ME and unlike your little boot camp plebes I don’t have to take your verbal abuse and kindly thank you for it like you expect me to with anything less being unacceptable disrespect to a sergeant.

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


I guess I do know you pretty well after all these years.

Looks like there aren’t a lot of players for this game anymore based on the few guesses here on your entry, and the no guesses on mine so far.

Celtic Christian has gotten 7 cheers on this entry.


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